House Ecaz

Ecaz Banner
"House Ecaz is known for it's touristic resorts, it's recreational drugs, and it's patronage for the Art. But behind this enticing exterior, the refined house and it's no less refined ruler, Archduchess Armanda, are ruthless and efficient defenders of their interests."

Faction Bonuses

  • + Surrounded neutral Villages become Sanctuaries that cannot be attacked by other factions
  • + Gain 1 Authority production per Sanctuary
  • + Villages adjacent to a Sanctuary gain +1 instance of the Village's traits
  • − Cannot betray a faction in Truce

At 5k Hegemony

  • + A single Ecazi Village can be turned into a Garden Resort
  • + A single Ecazi non-mechanical unit can be named Champion, who raises Hegemony by killing other factions' units

At 10k Hegemony


Sanya Ecaz

Sanya Ecaz

Difficulty: Hard
+ For each Sanctuary on the map, gain +10% Solari production and -20% Masterpiece construction costs

+ Each Masterpiece produces 2 Solari

"Sanya Ecaz is the eldest daughter of Armanda, and current heir to the Ecaz dynasty. Her charming personality and eclectic tastes allow her to thrive among the artistic community of the house."

Whitmore Bludd

Whitmore Bludd

Difficulty: Easy
+ Can name a second Champion of a different type

+ Military Units start with 1 more Experience level

"Whitmore Bludd was a renowned instructor at the Ginaz swordmaster school. After the fall of Ginaz, he entered the service of House Ecaz, first as Ilesa's bodyguard, and then as warmaster."

Ilesa Ecaz

Ilesa Ecaz

Difficulty: Easy
+ Can use Landsraad Immunity on a resolution to become ineligible

+ Gain 3 Landsraad Standing upon building a Masterpiece

"Ilesa Ecaz is the second daughter of Armanda. Having barely survived an assassination attempt at the onset of adulthood, Ilesa has grown into a bitter and serious woman, with no qualms about using her infirmity to guilt people into doing her bidding."

Mesa Ecaz

Mesa Ecaz

Difficulty: Hard
+ Abandoning a Village refunds 100% of the Authority capture cost

+ Every Masterpiece in a neutral Village gives +3% Authority production to House Ecaz

+ Masterpieces are built +100% faster

"Mesa Ecaz is the youngest daughter of Armanda. She is driven and smart, always trying to encourage the use of house resources toward supporting and benefiting the people."


Ecaz Units


  • Health: 500 | Power: 12 | Armor: 5 | Supply: 100
  • Recruitment Cost: 40 Manpower | 4 Command Points
  • Upkeep: 8 Solari
  • Developments required: None
  • Range: Melee
  • Abilities:
  • + Crusher: Enemy units targeted by the Squire suffer -4 Armour (1x max)

The squires have sworn to serve Ecazi nobility. They are used to taking the biggest blows from enemy forces, and focus on softening defences for stronger units to steal the show


  • Health: 300 | Power: 15 | Armor: 3 | Supply: 100
  • Recruitment Cost: 30 Manpower | 3 Command Points
  • Upkeep: 8 Solari
  • Developments required: None
  • Range: 30
  • Abilities:
  • + Thunder: Enemy units targeted by the Musketeer suffer +10% damage received (1x max)
  • − Ranged: Suffers Pinned down while engaged in melee combat:
    • − -50% Power
    • − Cannot use ranged attacks
House Ecaz employs a lot of professional hunters, to keep the large game population of their home planet in check, feed the court, and provide diversion. During war times, they are often hired to chase a very different quarry


  • Health: 400 | Power: 7 | Armor: 5 | Supply: 100
  • Recruitment Cost: 30 Manpower | 3 Command Points
  • Upkeep: 4 Solari
  • Developments required: None
  • Range: Melee
  • Abilities:
  • + Deadly Dance: Gain +150% attack speed when no ally units are close
Fencers trained all day, every day to be the best duelist in the universe. On the battlefield, they often take the heat off of their lesser peers

War Banner

  • Health: 600 | Power: 8 | Armor: 8
  • Recruitment Cost: 200 Solari | 3 Fuel Cells | 3 Command Points
  • Upkeep: 15 Solari
  • Developments required: National Mythos
  • Range: 20
  • Abilities:
  • + Inspiring Sight:
    • + Ecazi non-mechanical units in a large area gain +10% Power (1x max)
    • + Non-mechanical units of factions in Conflict suffer -10% Power in a large area (1x max)
  • + Demolition:
    • + Attacks deal damage in a moderate area
    • + Attacks have a 30% chance to destroy Armour
    • + Gains +100% damage against Flying Units
  • + Drone:
    • + Does not attract Sandworms
    • + Consume Solari to heal
A good banner is not just a piece of fabric. It's an embodiment of everyone one fights for. As long as the War Banner stands, House Ecaz's unique blend of style and honour shall be felt by all on the battlefield


  • Health: 400 | Power: 25 | Armor: 3 | Supply: 100
  • Recruitment Cost: 100 Solari | 40 Manpower | 5 Command Points
  • Upkeep: 20 Solari
  • Prerequisites: 10k Hegemony
  • Range: Melee
  • Abilities:
  • + Nobility:
    • + This unit receives -20% damage per other Ecazi non-mechanical unit nearby
    • + Cannot be killed if there is at least one other Ecazi non-mechanical unit nearby
Ecazi nobility prides itself on it's bravery and martial prowess. It is customary for young nobles to follow the path of the knight, to demonstrate in the fray that they indeed possess such qualities


  • Health: 500 | Power: 12 | Armor: 5
  • Recruitment Cost: 20 Guild Favour | 3 Fuel Cells | 3 Command Points
  • Recruitment Time: 3 days
  • Upkeep: 12 Solari
  • Prerequisites: Spacing Guild Branch
  • Range: 20
  • Abilities:
  • + Alluring Song: Mechanical units targeted by the Siren suffer +30% damage received (1x max)
  • + Demolition:
    • + Attacks deal damage in a moderate area
    • + Attacks have a 30% chance to destroy Armour
  • − Ship:
The Siren's elegant form and graceful flight hides a dangerous anti-material weapon. It emits colourful patterns and focused noises towards it's target, saturating sensors and softening defences of drones and ships


  • Health: 4000 | Power: 12 | Armor: 8
  • Recruitment Cost: 100 Guild Favour | 10 Fuel Cells
  • Recruitment Time: 5 days
  • Upkeep: 50 Solari
  • Prerequisites: Spacing Guild Branch
  • Range: 10
  • Abilities:
  • + Monument: Broadcasts one of two songs in a large area - War Anthem or Lullaby
  • + War Anthem:
    • + Ecazi non-mechanical units gain +20% Power in a large area
  • + Lullaby:
    • + Non-mechanical units suffer -50% attack speed in a large area
  • + Demolition:
  • − Frigate:
The Monument of Eternal Grace is a representation of the flowing nature of Art, a demonstration of Ecazi craftmanship, and a powerful weapon of war, all rolled into one

Unique Ecaz Developments

Full Development Tree ->


Cosmopolite Elegance

  • + Information levels rise and fall 50% faster
  • + Agents on fields at max Information level produce +50% of every resource
Elegance and style are the best disguises. The classy type can belong anywhere

Political Art

  • + Gain 30 Influence upon building a Masterpiece
  • + Any Charter currently claimed by House Ecaz cannot be proposed to vote
Art is inherently political. Some artworks assume and shape this component toward a focused objective

Influential Plots

  • + When out of Intel, Influence is used in it's stead for mission preparation, assassination upkeep and Assassin recruitment
  • + Gain +1 max Infiltration Cells in each Faction's territory
Some people are so likeable that they can get away with anything, even publicly


Manichean Propaganda

Who does not like an epic tale with a grand conflict between good and evil? It's hard not to be moved by such a story

Native Artists

Even the savage inhabitants of a backwater planet like Arrakis are elevated by the act of creation

Prideful Crown

When you have an amazing jewel, you don't just leave it hanging around. No, you need an equally great casket to display it properly


Artistic Aspirations

Even the lowest of men want to create, to shape the world to their image. If only we could channel this primal energy into practical matters!

Cultural Tourism

  • + Each Sanctuary provides:
  • + Unlocks the Trade Agreement Treaty
Some people are attracted by the quaint and simple lifestyle of Arrakis' pyon. Why not indulge them, for a price?


National Mythos

  • + Unlocks the War Banner unit
  • + Ecazi Units in a large area around the Champion get +10% Power
What is the difference between a people and a crowd? A story. Good stories you can believe in are the foundation of any patriotism

Martial Perfectionism

  • + Gain +5 Command Points
  • + Can choose to pay +50% of the price to recruit units in +100% of the time, giving them +20% Health and Power permanently
  • + Unlocks the Military Academy
When you really want to shine, good enough is not good enough. Everything has to be perfect

Inspiring Standard

A well-designed flag should show strength and determination, evoking exaltation from any potential onlooker

Logistical Flourish

  • + Unlock the second gear slot in the Armoury
  • + Unlocks the Command Post
  • + Gain +1 Agent slot in Spacing Guild Information
War is won by the soldiers. But without the support of a precise logistic, they won't be able to show off their skills

Other Factions

Smugglers Banner

House Harkonnen

House Harkonnen shares its chilling reputation with its leader, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. They have been called despotic, merciless, scheming and devious. And those are only their finer qualities.

Smugglers Banner


There’s a fine line between smugglers and full-fledged bandits, and Esmar Tuek is adept at walking that line. Smugglers can provide anything to anyone, provided they put the price… and do not look at the specifics too closely.

Fremen Banner


Fremen are the only people native to Arrakis and will do anything to protect their way against the offworlders. While their leader, Liet-Kynes, doesn’t originally come from Dune, she is every bit as determined and attached to the planet as the next Fremen.

Corrino Banner

House Corrino

Imperial House Corrino has ruled the galaxy for ten millenia, and Shaddam IV intends to keep it that way. The situation on Arrakis calls for the direct intervention of the Padishah Emperor, who will use all His wit and the might of His administration to turn the war to His benefit.